Device Cloud Connectivity

We can connect to a plethora of Device Cloud platforms or can provide an on premise solution. If you are already using a Cloud Platform we can establish connectivity to that platform. Our edge devices and/or Gateways can establish the connectivity as per the project need Email us with your requirement and we shall get you connected to a Cloud Platform

The connected device needs Software Stacks that can interface to Off the Shelf or Custom Device Cloud platforms. These stacks are implemented on a Device Level. We have a variety of reputed Cloud Platforms that we can interface to right out of the box. If your platform is not on the list, we shall get that platform incorporated.

  • Firmware Stacks

  • Devices are built to ensure the adequate connectivity to Device Cloud Platforms. Bidirectional communication is made possible with IoT relevant protocols like MQTT. Stack connectivity is made possible over Ethernet, WiFi and/or GPRS
  • On-Premise

  • We provide an on-premise solution in case you do not want to publish data to a Cloud based Platform. We will take up the responsibility of the Maintainence of these devices. Moreover any application layers that have to built can be created.
  • Multiple Platforms

  • Multiple platform connectivity ensures that you can select the Platform at the get go based on your choice. However if down the line the choice changes our devices will need a firmware upgrade to start sending data to a new device cloud platform.

Capital Expense OR Operational Costs

Buy your Server or Pay as You Go we will establish the connectivity for your systems

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