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  • Axonet Emsys Pvt. Ltd. (Registred Office)
    413 Narayan Peth, Nagarkar Apts. Pune 411030, Maharashtra
    Telephone: +91-8149758473

  • Axonet Emsys Pvt. Ltd. (Works)
    S.No.118, #2, Off Baner Road, Baner Pune 411045, Maharashtra
    Telephone: +91-8149758473


  •   USA
  •   540 University Dr. #7,
          Menlo Park, CA 94025
  •   1-949-298-4353
  •   India
  •   S.No.118, #2, Off Baner Road,
      Baner, Pune 411045
  •   +91-8149758473

About Axonet Emsys

We are IoT Solution Providers across Verticals and have a proven track record and expertise in creating off the shelf and customized products used in IoT Applications. We have created solutions in Energy, Flow, Factory Automation, Assembly Systems to name a few ...

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