Device Connectivity - Requirement not a Choice

Gone are the days when devices were used in an isolated manner. Each device will now be connected to some kind of a cloud or server based platform. Connect your device now or be left behind as someone else gets their connected device out there. Wired or wireless is an essential requirement for each device. We are here to help you get this connectivity in place. Email us with your requirement and we shall get your device "Cloud Konnected"

If you are a Device and/or Machine Manufacturer you might be already getting enquiries for connected devices.

Here is how we can help - We will work closely with your design team to create an integrated add-on for your device that can connect to our Cloud Connected Gateway. We can either create a software stack for your controller or we can have an add-on that can be integrated within your system OR can be sold as an aftermarket.

  • Firmware Stack

  • We create firmware stacks for a number of microcontroller based systems. This works as long as your hardware supports the communication capability. Your controller needs to have a certain amount of program and data memory available for connectivity.
  • Integrated Hardware

  • We will create the communication module (hardware and firmware) for your device so that the device connects to the Gateway. The communication capability and the form factor gets decided after close interaction with your engineering & design team
  • Add-On

  • We create after market edge devices that will talk to your device or machine and will have in-built capability to talk to the Gateway or directly to the Cloud Platform. Your device needs to have analog / digital connectivity in place to extract data.

We work with device and machine manufacturers to provide these solutions in the following manner:
As a Service wherein we work on the Engineering aspects of the design and create the prototypes for you and then provide manufacturing support. You own IP for the devices that have been specifically created for you.
As a Solution wherein we work on the solution for you so that your device will get connected. There will be an MoQ for the devices that get created. You save on the Upfront Engineering Cost.
As a Product We may already have connectivity to the interface that you provide on your device. In that case we will customize the device for you and you can purchase it off the shelf.

Unleash the usefulness of connected devices

Get more from your devices and create value for your organization and for your customers.

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