Need of the day - Flexible Gateways

A rigid and tightly coupled Gateway will not only leave you tied to a particular vendor or service provider but also will result in capital expenses in case you decide to make any changes. We create Gateways that will NOT be tied to any device or an device cloud platform. Flexibility is the key and we work closely with customers to ensure that any changes in the devices depending upon field condition changes get adapted elegantly. Email us with your requirement and we shall get you started with your own IoT Gateway

For your device connected You need a Gateway that collects and aggregates data from your edge devices and send to a Server or a Device Cloud Platform

Here is how we can help - We have off the shelf Gateways that can collect data from Wired and Wireless Edge Devices. They can talk to a Server or a Cloud Based Platform using Ethernet or GPRS connectivity. We support HTTP / MQTT / FTP / CoAP. These gateways can be AC mains powered or Battery Powered depending upon the use cases and availablity of rechargeable environments. Gateways have a local storage to ensure that data is not lost when connectivity is lost. We can always customize a gateway for you depending upon your exact needs.

  • Edge Connectivity

  • Wired and Wireless connectivity to edge devices. We can support Modbus (RTU/TCP), RS232, USB, Proprietary soft interfaces, ZigBee, LoRa, RF to name a few. The gateway has a webserver that lets the user configure the devices connected to it during installation. This ensures a lot of ease during installation.
  • Internal Features

  • DIN Rail/Panel Mounted Gateways can be provided. 15 days internal storage prevents data loss. On board SIM card for GPRS connectivity. IP Rated enclosures. Powerful configurator on the webserver to select the edge devices connected to it. Firmware upgradeable over the air.
  • Northbound Connectivity

  • Multiple device cloud platforms supported for ease of data analysis capabilities. If you are already using a Device Cloud platform we shall integrate the Gateway with that platform. If you would like us to recommend one, we can do so. If you need an on-premise solution that can be created.

Once you get the Gateway we also support you in field installations and commissioning if needed
Our skilled personnel can ensure that your installation is a breeze with minimum hassle. Create proof of concepts, collect the data, analyze it and move to manufacturing the products at scale.
Once ready we will manufacture the units for you so that you can scale your solution. 100 / 500 / 1000 and beyond. The more the merrier !
Add a new feature and we will support you in that and help you do the necessary firmware upgrades over the air.

Interface field devices to the Cloud

The Gateway is the Mediator between the "edge" and the "cloud". It better be a strong one.

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